Burley & Menston Conservative Councillors

All three of your Wharfedale Conservative Councillors live within the Ward of Burley and Menston. We have each been elected for a period of four years to Bradford Council. Each year, one of us stands for re-election, with one year not having a local election.

We each stood for election as Councillors to represent the residents of our communities and, now elected, irrespective of party politics, that is our determined intention. We hope to make a difference to the quality of the daily lives and prospects of our communities.

Your Councillors have all been resident in the Ward for many years and continually seek to understand the needs and hopes of our communities, which it is our aim to support and pursue. To assist us in this endeavour, we hold regular drop-in surgeries each month, alternating between Burley and Menston (see below for more information). Surgeries provide the opportunity for residents to come along and meet one or more of us and to discuss your problems or concerns.

Now that all of the Ward Councillors are Conservatives, we form a strong team alongside Philip Davies.

Question and answer sessions

Whilst we hold regular drop-in surgeries each month, we realise that it’s not always convenient or possible for ward residents to attend such sessions. Should you have a immediate concern or an issue that you would like to discuss or raise with us then why not get in touch us? If it’s a private concern you can contact us by phone or by confidential email.

Surgery dates for Burley and Menston

We hold regular surgeries at two venues, Kirklands Community Centre in Menston and the Queens Hall in Burley-In-Wharfedale.

Below are maps showing the location of each venue. If you are new to the community, select directions to, enter your home address or postcode and directions will be provided for your journey.

Queens Hall, Burley-In-Wharfedale

Kirklands Community Centre, Menston

We what’s most important to you

Results dated August 1st, 2021

Issues that cause the most concern in the ward are:

Loss of Green Belt


Local Infrastructure


Climate Change




Social Care


Secondary education


Airport noise


Primary education


Affordable homes


Local Crime


Latest news

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Dale Smith a Bradford Conservative Councillor

Report from Cllr Dale Smith, Chairman of the Shipley Conservative Association

Being a local councillor for more years than I care to remember (46 – but with an 8 year gap) I learnt long ago that you were (and should be) always open to scrutiny and in the public eye.

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