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A message from Philip Davies about May 23rd’s European Elections

By admin

May 22 2019

EU Elections



Much to my regret, the European Elections take place on 23 May. Postal Votes have already landed and on Thursday the polling stations will open.

Britain should have left the EU on 29 March. The fact that we haven’t is disrespectful of the Referendum result and the 17.4 million voters who voted to leave the European Union. It has undermined our democracy and nobody is more frustrated and angry about that than me.

I know that many Conservatives might be tempted to use these European Elections as a means to protest. I am writing today to ask you not to.

If Britain does have to prolong its membership of the EU for a few months – and it is absolutely essential that no further delay is agreed – then our interests need to be protected. I want our local Conservative MEPs John Procter and Amjad Bashir to do that job, and I don’t want them to be punished at the ballot box because of the mess that has been created in Westminster. They are not responsible for the situation we are in, and they have worked hard for the region over many years. I would hate to see them replaced by a Lib Dem who will campaign to overturn the referendum result because not enough Conservatives voted which is a real danger.

If our Party does suffer a terrible defeat at this election then the person this helps most is Jeremy Corbyn. It would hand momentum to the Labour Party and put them that little bit closer to Government. This would be devastating for our country and must be avoided at all costs.

There is no need to use this election to “send a message” to the Conservative Party by voting for someone else. The message that Britain wants to leave the EU was delivered on 23 June 2016. We get it. So even if you share my anger and frustration about what has happened in Parliament I would ask you to still vote Conservative on Thursday.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Davies MP
Member of Parliament for Shipley