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Bradford Council consultations

It is important that we make our voices heard through taking part in consultations and for us to also encourage local residents to participate (e.g. through sharing on social media).

Some of the consultations are ward specific but others are broader, e.g. the Covid-19 business survey, Covid-19 social distancing and active travel survey (both these have deadlines of 31/12/20) and probably more crucially the Draft Council Plan and Equality Objectives (closing date for comments 19/11/20).

The Draft Council Plan and Equality Objectives are for 65% of the top 5% of jobs in the Council to be held by women which doesn’t sound like equality to us.

Covid-19 business survey

Let us know how coronavirus is affecting your business. This will help inform how we can best support local businesses through the current crisis. Fill in the survey here.

We want to give residents a say in shaping services and the future of the District

We actively seek participation from a wider audience, in order to ensure that consultations consider the full range of opinions, and to ensure that the decisions we make are guided by a real appreciation of the views of the residents and people of the District. We consider each individual contribution to the consultation process.

Occasionally, we will consult the residents of the District by direct engagement, by post or through our publications. However, in order to ensure that the process is cost effective, most consultations take place online where you can view and submit contributions.

In this section you will be able to:

  • take part in the current consultation activities and help shape the future of the District
  • find out about our recent consultations and how they have informed decisions. The information is available in table form and via a calendar
  • share your ideas, tell your stories, and join conversations on our Let’s Talk Bradford District engagement website
  • find out ways of getting involved in community activity through our “people can” initiative


Current consultations

Title Consultation end date
Construction of road humps: Green Lane and Croftlands, Idle, Bradford Thu 29/10/2020
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (Waiting Loading and Parking) (Consolidation) (Amendment No.6) Order 2020 Chesham Street, Keighley Wed 04/11/2020
Draft Council Plan and draft Equality Objectives Wed 18/11/2020
Statutory consultation on reducing the Published Admission Number at Lidget Green Primary School Thu 19/11/2020
Covid-19 business survey Wed 30/12/2020
Covid-19 social distancing and active travel survey Wed 30/12/2020
Shay Lane, Bradford Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (Prohibition of Driving) 2020 Thu 25/03/2021
Outdoor seating areas Thu 30/09/2021