Bradford’s Local Plan – Shaping the future of the district

Wharfedale Councillors are working on their community response to the consultation

Bradford announced on Monday February 8th its new Local Plan proposals. This affects every community across the district and the council will accept comment via their website (details below) and by post.

Consultation is at

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard before the consultation closes on March 24th.

Wharfedale’s district Councillors are currently looking at the Local Plan and hope to provide guidance on how to construct a response to the consultation.

Local Plan scope

Most people within Wharfedale will neither have the time to look at the plan, or indeed to read through its 6,000 plus pages of information, much of which is statistical and planning terminology.

Bradford Council state that the new Local Plan places a high importance on their declaration of a climate emergency in January 2019 and demonstrates this commitment by stating that they’re – “1.2 Prioritising the allocation of brownfield and non-Green Belt sites first and then taking a measured and sensitive approach to Green Belt release where further growth cannot be accommodated within current settlement boundaries.

Yet within the documentation we have found that planned housing release in the first 5 years will see the release of:

  • 666 homes on brownfield (PDL – Previously developed land) of the 8,258 housing plots available.
  • 648 homes on greenfield
  • 621 homes on green belt, 77% of which could come from Sun Lane if approved.
  • A total of 1,935 homes.

According to district housing allocation figures in the Local Plan. This is clearly at odds with brownfield prioritisation as stated.

There’s much more that we are considering within the plan.

We hope to post information back to this page no later than the 18th of March, which should allow sufficient time for you tyo make an informed decision about your own response.

Jackie, Gerry & Dale