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Community Infrastructure Levy review

By admin

Feb 13 2019




CIL should be spent where collected.

On 7th February Bradford Councils Regulatory and Appeals Committee passed a planning application for 135 houses in Menston despite strong opposition from residents.

I spoke about the chronic lack of infrastructure – lack of parking near to the station to the extent that it overflows into surrounding roads as far up as Menston Park! I also reported about the overcrowding on peak time trains to Leeds and the fact that Menston Station needs to be adapted so that anyone with a mobility problem or mothers with prams can access both sides of the station. These houses will also exacerbate the issue of school places- primary and secondary and finally, I spoke about inadequate sewerage and drainage which has seen sewage deposited into local streets! More houses will have an affect on all these issues.

I was told that infrastructure is not a planning issue and that the Community Infrastructure Levy would solve these problems. At the end of the meeting the chairman of the panel said that the Parish Council should work closely with District Councillors to spend the money wisely.

All good advice except for one important point. The developers of the Bingley Road site will eventually have to pay Bradford Council £1.7 million in Infrastructure Levy, but Menston Parish Council will only receive £262, 766 as their share. The rest will go into Bradford Council’s coffers with no promise that it will be spent in Menston or the surrounding area.  A lot can be done with £262,766 but no major infrastructure can be achieved with it. I have repeatedly asked the portfolio holder in full Council, to consider pooling money from the 2700 houses planned (Addingham to Menston before 2030) in Bradford’s Core Strategy so that meaningful infrastructure can be provided.  This would allow an application to be made for match funding for a new school, for example. I was told that the whole of Bradford needs new infrastructure but why should money collected from our area be spent elsewhere, especially as Bradford will also receive a New Homes Bonus from each house built?

Submissions can be made by email to or by post to CIL Regulations 123 List Consultation, Local Plans Team, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, 4th Floor Britannia House, Bradford, BD1 1HX.

Or complete Bradford’s online survey as shown lower down this page.

It is important that you have your say. We must not be short changed in favour of inner city Bradford.

Cllr Jackie Whiteley

The Council’s view of CIL.

Bradford Council is consulting on proposed minor changes to its approved CIL Regulation 123 List to provide greater clarity on what will be funded by CIL (and perhaps more importantly what will not be funded) and to include specific reference to additional infrastructure priorities to support sustainable development.

The consultation is for a period of four weeks from Wednesday 13th February to Wednesday 13th March 2019. The proposed changes to the Council’s Regulation 123 List and explanation of the changes are set out in the consultation documents which are available online.

The Council welcomes feedback on the proposed changes.  Please visit their website to find out more about the proposed changes and how to make comments.