Public Notices

Public Notices.

We do not duplicate any public notices on our website as the topics discussed are varied and the content copyright holder is Bradford Council. We have shown the main public notice categories below and you can follow the links by clicking the corresponding image. All links followed are subject to Bradford’s GDPR and privacy policies.

Following links.

Most of these links offer you the ability to receive regular updates by email, subject to an email subscription.

Updates are delivered directly to your inbox directly from Bradford Council. Before signing up for updates, please ensure that you have read Bradford’s Privacy and GDPR Policies.

The most commonly used links are shown below, each will open a new browser window and will show an appropriate page on Bradford Councils website.



Bin collections and recycling policy.


Developments &Planning

Check the status of any planning application.


Council service disruption

Disruptions to any council service.

Business grants

Development grants and information.

Council Tax

Council tax reduction

Council tax reductions, claiming, paying etc.

BDMC website

BDMC Website

Bradford Council’s website home page.

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