Reported crime in the Wharfedale Ward.

Burley and Menston Conservative CouncillorsReported crime in Burley in Wharfedale and Menston

Reported crime for Burley in Wharfedale and Menston.

We are only able to summarise crime in the Wharfedale ward so that operational details don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Reporting period 12th April – 24th May.

  • The Wharfedale Ward (Burley & Menston) has seen 1 reported burglary in the 6 week period. This is the lowest figure in an 18 month period.
  • The main concern is the increase in criminal damage offences in Burley since the start of May, 15 in total. All of these are smashed windows.

Police have detained one person in connection with the criminal damage offences.

Reporting Period 25th May – 5th July 2021

  • There have been 6 burglaries reported in the 6-week period, this is slightly up on the previous reporting period.

There’s some further information in relation to the series of criminal damage offences throughout Burley in Wharfedale. 17 in total were committed all bricks thrown through house windows. Investigations lead to a suspect who was arrested. Police are more than confident this is the person responsible and since the arrest no further offences have occurred.

Reporting Period 5th July – 16th August 2021

The Wharfedale Ward has seen 2 attempted burglaries reported in the 6-week period. This is a fantastic result and hopefully reflects the increase in patrols in the areas paying off.

There has been an increase in reports from the community of nuisance/speeding drivers throughout the ward. A organised operation across the Shipley ward by traffic officers, The off-road bike team and local officers has had some successful results.

In the coming weeks, police will be running some roadside speed gun initiatives in response to community responses.

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